Family Pet, 2018

Even the tamest of pets is still, at its heart, a wild animal.

Winner of the Society of Illustrators $3000 Nancy Lee Rhodes Roberts Scholarship Award, 2019

Fools For Attention, 2018.

My OCAD U pre-thesis project, which examined the martyr complex through a contemporary interpretation of medieval imagery to question the ever-present human desire to seek attention and appear virtuous.

The Collector, 2016.

Winner of the Society of Illustrators $1000 Nancy Cheadle Scholarship Award, 2017

Charlie Goes to Sleep, 2016

Creeper, 2018

Mock Puma shoe ad

Facemaker, 2018.

Published in Ruff Haus Zine.

Wild Cucumbers, 2020.

Commissioned work.

All images © Varvara Nedilska, 2022