In an imagined futuristic environment oversaturated with technology, people cope in various ways which reflect their desire for a return to an ancient way of life.

My 2020 OCADU illustration thesis.

Carpet Cowboys

Some people dress themselves to portray intricately thought-out characters and personas.


Young girls succumb to the cult of self-improvement, striving for an impossible ideal.


A prim, well-mannered young lady daydreams of a wilder life.
Acrylic, oil and metal hinges on wood cutout.

Orchids Collection

A new category of fashion arises. featuring designs which disable facial recognition technologies.

Star Walk

The belief that grand-scale cosmic forces control our lives is both comforting and frightening.

Queen of the Night

Rituals and ceremonies are formed around ordinary everyday events, like the blooming of a flower.

Watercolour on paper cutout, mounted on velvet.

All images © Varvara Nedilska, 2022